Please email or call us to discuss prices.

The price can vary depending on offers or your specific requirements for the marquee.

The pricing is broken down as below:

Oak Cruck Marquee

Cruck Marquee frame in Oak with main roof canvas

Side canvas pack and poles




Douglas Fir Marquee

Douglas Fir is 40% lighter than oak in weight and is more suitable for a frame that is likely to be moved frequently.

We can supply the frame in Douglas Fir if required with a six week delivery.


A 50% deposit is required to place your order for a confirmed delivery date within 4 weeks of receipt of order.

If your delivery requirement is not urgent then a 10% deposit is required

Delivery & Raising

It takes approximately 2 1/2 hours for 2 people to raise the marquee and this is included in the price.

There is a delivery charge depending on mileage and proximity of access to site.

Please call for a confirmed price.  Prior to delivery we will contact you to clarify the access

Marquee Pins

The Oak Cruck Marquee weighs almost one ton and except in very windy locations, it does not need to be anchored to the ground.

However marquee stakes of various lengths are available if required, please contact us for details.

Side Extensions

The side extensions add 18 sq m to the foot print of the marquee.

It comprises of Two side canvases, approximately 2m x 4.5m each.

These are zipped to the main canvas and secured with 8 ash poles, guy ropes and pegs.